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Does the thought of a new DIY project start your heart pounding? Do you feel downright giddy when you visit the local hardware store and peruse all the “cool tools” available? While it’s great to be a home handy-person, there are certain projects best left to the experts. And one of those projects is the repair or replacement of your overhead garage door.

In the same way you might shy away from doing your own plumbing or electrical, you may also want to reconsider tackling work on your garage door. Garage door servicing requires specific training and an understanding of the inherent dangers. Listed below are four reasons why you might want to set aside your DIY drive and leave this one to the professionals.

 Garage Door Safety

You love and care for your family and pets – and you make a point to keep your home safe and comfortable. That said, a garage door that’s not working properly or installed incorrectly can post a severe hazard. Every year, well-intentioned people are injured (or worse) because they tried to perform their own garage door repair. Doors have fallen on people because of faulty cables or broken springs. Serious harm has occurred when high-tension components like overhead torsion springs are adjusted or released improperly.

Training and Experience

Perhaps the biggest reason to choose a door professional is experience – they’ve worked on doors before and understand the risks. Watching a YouTube video is no replacement for hands-on experience. A fully-functioning overhead door system is comprised of many moving parts. To service a door properly, you need a good understanding of how these parts work, both individually and collectively. An experienced garage door technician will ensure the job is done the right way the first time and that your door is functioning correctly and safely.


Should you choose a repair a door on your own, there’s always the chance of encountering the unexpected. And without a background in the business, it’s hard – if not impossible – to anticipate the unexpected. Situations can become dangerous quickly and without the knowledge, you could find yourself in trouble quickly. A true door professional will always provide you with a written guarantee of workmanship. If a problem should arise, they’ll deal with it quickly and professionally. As we all know, a little peace-of-mind goes a long way.

Save your time and save your money!

Some people enjoy the challenge of doing it themselves. Others do it to save money. Many times, an amateur attempt ends up costing more down the road. No doubt, you’re a professional – an expert in your field of endeavour. How long did it take you to master the skills you use every day? How long would it take you to become a masterful door technician? A professional door technician has already invested the time and effort necessary to become an expert in his field – someone who does it right the first time!

Stop, Look and Listen

Still considering performing your own garage door service or repair? Sure, you have many skills – a natural mechanical aptitude – but do they extend to garage door service? Maybe with some time, training and experience under your belt, you could become a professional technician. In the meantime, we recommend you get the quality door service you need by calling Doors on Demand. There’s a location near you! We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and the fast, affordable, professional service you need and expect.