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Doors On Demand knows the agricultural industry.

Part of understanding the environment your door operates in is also understanding what the environment will do to your doors and operators.

We are familiar with the day to day operation of a farm and how important overhead doors are. Having firsthand experience in the dairy industry, from milking, to providing products, and services to these farms, we understand the Agricultural industry. The severe climate conditions created in barns are often the cause for doors to fail. Doors On Demand carries specific products that are designed to endure in the harshest environments, and high use applications. We are the only overhead door company that has standardized products, and methodologies for service and installation that are the best practice for these environments. This allows your overhead doors to work when you need them to and eliminates down time, costly repairs and even more costly early replacement.

Beyond offering the right products, we offer superior service. We ensure that when you have an emergency, so do we. Same day, 24 hour service is key to your operation. If you can’t milk, or your calves are freezing we know the implications of this to your business and make it our priority to ensure that our technicians are readily available.

The Doors On Demand name is synonymous with these specialized products, and services and this is the value added services your can expect to receive from us. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship with all members of the Agricultural Industry.

Overhead Doors for the Agricultural Industry Feature:

  • Polystyrene foam insulation that maximizes performance in extreme climate conditions, discourages water logging
  • Superior strength and durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Specialized joint design to prevent infiltration of elements
  • Heavy duty, durable hardware
  • Optional galvanized springs, perfect for high moisture environments
  • Stainless steel hinges, roller and cables to combat rust and corrosion
  • Various R-Values are available
  • Polycarbonate sections, or full doors

The GDI provides an advanced operator system for a broad range of vertical and horizontal door applications for heavy duty Commercial and Industrial applications. Doors On Demand offers specialty operators that are water tight and extremely versatile in their programming.


  • All types of doors with models programmable to operate at [8 to over 60]
  • Individual, programmable open and close speeds, with controlled acceleration and deceleration for smooth, soft start and soft stop motion profiles
  • Closed loop control motion profile technology
  • Obstruction sensing with programmable threshold level
  • Interlock capability with security system
  • Ehain/sprocket coupling or direct coupling to driven shaft
  • Every model is rated for high usage and high reliability at 240 cycles/hr, over 5000 cycles per day, continuous daily operation
  • All GDI operators can be powered by 115, 208, 230, 460, 575 VAC at 60Hz
  • All GDI operators have battery backup capability
  • Simple automated setting of limits without mechanical switches which inherently require adjustments
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Single multi-voltage transformer reduces the need for voltage based models
  • 6 preset field adjustable inputs for loop sensors, infrared sensors, radio control, other sensors etc.
  • Electronic feedback of door position – ensures long term, accurate door positioning thereby reducing maintenance calls
  • Two programmable outputs to control enunciator buzzer, light
  • Adjustable time to close from 0 to 240 seconds
  • Includes electro-mechanical holding brake, which can be disengaged for manual operation of the door
  • The operator is field adjustable for left or right hand operation thereby minimizing the number of models that need to be carried
  • Aluminum motor body that provides superior corrosion resistance
  • Adjustable open and close speeds with soft start and soft stop

Doors On Demand is also pleased to offer the Sunshine Door

The Sunshine Door is made of polycarbonate construction and is extremely light weight, durable, provides fire resistance and comes in a variety of colours. This is a superior product choice in the residential, commercial, agricultural and specialty applications

Operators for your Commercial & Agricultural Doors