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Commercial Overhead Doors

Our commercial doors range from insulated steel doors to translucent, full and solid view aluminum. Our superior product lines are innovative in both design and construction, allowing us to offer commercial products that deliver maximum serviceability and performance day in and day out.

We also feature products ideal for high moisture structures like car washes, doors for agricultural buildings and doors designed for severe weather climates.

If you have overhead doors in an agricultural environment, or a carwash that are subject to High Moisture and Severe Weather Climates we specialize in the products best suited for these locations.

Commercial Garage Doors

Doors on Demand understands the importance of owning a commercial garage door that is functional and able to withstand daily operations in the toughest industrial settings. We offer a wide range of insulated and non-insulated commercial “upward acting” doors to fit your exact specifications.

Features & Benefits

  • Our doors are available in a variety of models with various panel thickness, R-value and appearance

  • Polystyrene foam insulation that maximizes performance in extreme climate conditions

  • Superior strength and durability

  • Corrosion-resistant

  • Specialized joint design to keep the elements outside

  • Heavy-duty, durable hardware

  • Optional galvanized springs, perfect for high-moisture environments

Commercial Insulated Sandwich Doors
Ribbed Steel Pan & Pan-Insulated Doors
Aluminum Full-View Doors

Doors On Demand is also pleased to offer the Sunshine Door

The Sunshine Door is made of polycarbonate construction, is extremely lightweight, durable, provides fire resistance and comes in a variety of colours. This is a superior product choice for residential, commercial, agricultural and specialty applications.

Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Doors on Demand supplies quality built industrial Rolling Steel Doors, Coiling Fire Doors, Fire Shutters, Counter Doors, Grilles and Side Folding Grilles. We promise to deliver affordable, owner-friendly Rolling Steel Doors that are reliable, architecturally pleasing and simple to maintain.

Rolling Service Doors
Counter Shutters
Rolling Fire Doors
Fire Counter Shutters
Coiling Grilles
Side-Folding Grilles & Closures