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“What happened?” she asked, noting at the large dent in the garage door.

“It’s my fault,” he said, staring at his feet. “I hit the gas instead of the brake.”

Garage doors get damaged in a variety of ways, and though you can replace individual components, chances are, your door will never quite be the same. Your garage door might not get run into, but it still has to withstand the elements year after year – snow, sleet, ice and sunshine. There comes a point where you – as a homeowner – need to consider replacing your garage door. Let’s look at some reasons why garage door replacement might be necessary.

I’m too old for this nonsense!

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes your garage door. The average life expectancy of a well-maintained garage door is about 20 years. That means if your garage door was installed in the early nineties, it’s likely reaching the end of its life. That said, the life expectancy of your garage door opener is considerably less, averaging about 10 to 15 years. If you’re uncertain about the condition of your garage door or opener, arrange for a garage door inspection with Doors on Demand. A simple service may be all that’s required, but it’s best to be sure.

Dealing with rust and rot!

Old wooden garage doors can suffer from rot and sagging. This happens gradually over time, but once these conditions become evident, it’s time to replace the door. A rotting or sagging wooden door can come apart causing damage and personal harm. An old metal garage door can be prone to rust and besides being unsightly, can lead to operational failure. The presence of rust on metal parts is a symptom of corrosion and if left unaddressed, could lead to hardware failure. Besides being inconvenient, worn and broken door components are also dangerous. A breakdown of the spring coils could cause a heavy garage door to fall suddenly and violently. Newer doors are less prone to rot and rust but still fall victim to corrosion and wear.

Hey, open up!

Your garage door has been bumped or dented, and now it’s difficult to open. It could be the result of a simple misalignment or something far more severe. When doors are dented or dinged, parts get bent or shifted out of place, and that can lead to excessive wear. Even a slight misalignment can cause a door to come off its track, and that can lead to a serious issue.

What about that nasty dent?

Whether the dent is small or large, it may or may not affect the function of the door or create a safety hazard. One thing it will do is affect the appearance of your door. A door with dents and dings is going to detract from the appearance of your home. If your house looks immaculate and your lawn is lush and green, but your garage door is a disaster, it’s going to detract from the curb appeal of your home. This issue becomes an even greater concern when you’re trying to sell your home and could result in a loss of value or a lower purchase offer.

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