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Every business is different from the products sold to the building and signage. Something else that’s likely to be different between businesses is the type of commercial garage door best suited to the enterprise. With that in mind, here are a few options for you to consider:

Type of Business: Gas Station, Car Wash, Restaurant or Car Dealership

Recommendation: Aluminum Sectional

The advantages of an aluminum sectional are many including strength, durability, lightweight construction and use of non-corrosive material. These doors work great for the abovementioned businesses because they typically have large windows which allow plenty of natural light into the building as well as providing excellent visibility.

Type of Business: Warehouse or High Traffic Areas

Recommendation: Steel Sectional

Steel sectional doors are among the most long-lasting on the market, so ideal for use around large vehicles and equipment. Steel sectional doors can be insulated thus keeping your business safe and warm in every season and owing to a durable design, easily withstand all types of weather including rain, snow and high winds. The simple design means these doors require very little maintenance to deliver years of dependable service.

Type of Business: Hotel, School or Hospital

Recommendation: Rolling Fire Door

Let’s say there’s smoke and perhaps a fire in your building. Rolling fire doors will automatically close when a fire alarm has sounded. This automatic response keeps people safe and prevents the fire from spreading to other parts of the building. It also provides easy access out of the building for employees and customers alike.

Type of Business: Office Space, Retail Location or Pharmacy

Recommendation: Security Shutter

This type of door is perfect for those areas with high pedestrian traffic or limited headroom. You’ve likely seen these doors put in place when retail businesses close for the evening. These sturdy aluminum doors provide a secure barrier against forced entry and potential theft.

Type of Business: Large Shop, Warehouse, Barn or Distribution Centre

Recommendation: Industrial Overhead Door

Overhead doors can be custom-tailored to your specific building requirements and are ideal for situations of frequent use. When properly installed and regularly maintained, overhead doors will provide years of worry-free operation. And overhead doors are available in a variety of widths making them the perfect choice for moving and storing large equipment.


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