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So, the time has come – it’s happened – your garage door opener is no longer opening the garage door. It needs to be replaced, and the question becomes, “What type of garage door opener should I get?” There are a number of options available, so it’s important to do your homework. That said, here are a few things to consider investigating the options.  

First and foremost, you want a garage door opener that’s reliable. That’s a given. You may also want an opener that’s quieter, smoother and more reliable than the previous version. On average, a garage door opener will last about ten years so you’ll want to get a model that’s the right fit for your garage door. Even if your older opener is still working, it might not have all the features and innovations of the newer models. Technology has changed considerably, and that also goes for overhead garage door openers. It might be time to consider upgrading. Whatever the reason, Doors on Demand is here to help you find the right opener for your garage.

Educate Yourself

When it comes to garage door openers, there are two main components that deserve consideration, and that’s drive type and motor type. Drive type is simply the manner in which your garage door travels along the guide as it opens and closes. Guide is the long rail that’s attached from the centre of your door to the opener. Operating within the guide is a chain, belt or screw (threaded shaft) that moves the trolley along the guide, opening and closing the door.

Garage Door Motors

There are two basic types of motors when it comes to garage door openers, AC and DC powered with DC powered becoming the standard for the garage door industry, and for good reason. AC powered motors are heavier and louder while DC powered motors are lighter, quieter and more powerful. DC powered motors deliver softer starts and stops lessening wear and tear on the door and hardware and with available options like a battery back-up, make your garage accessible even in a power outage.

Chain, Belt or Screw Drive?

What’s the difference and is one a better option than the others? Quite simply, a chain drive garage door opener uses a chain to raise and lower the door. Chain drives have been around for years and will last for years if regularly maintained. Most economy priced openers will feature a chain drive. Belt drive garage door openers are super quiet. With a belt drive opener, you’ll experience less noise and vibration. Belt drive is a typical upgrade from a chain drive. A screw drive (or threaded shaft drive) opener delivers more power and a faster lift. A screw drive is ideal for a large garage door with a higher lift. Direct drive means a better transfer of power.

What’s the best garage door opener for my garage door?

So, what’s the best garage door opener? It depends upon the size and weight of your door and the features you value. The best way to get started is to contact the team at Doors on Demand. The skilled door technicians from Doors on Demand will assess your current situation – answer your questions, discuss your list of desired features – and help you to make a wise and well-considered decision. You’ll get the exact opener you need for your garage.


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