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There was a time when old-style hip-roofed barns were everywhere! Most were painted red, so stood out as the prominent structure on most farm sites. Today, many of those grand old buildings have fallen into disrepair or simply, fallen down – replaced with modern, high-tech versions. And whether it’s a dairy barn, hog operation or pole barn, one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for a well-built, durable and professionally installed barn door.

If you’re building a new barn or considering it, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the variety of barn doors available. Today, three types of doors have become popular, and the best barn door for you is the one that best meets the needs of your farming operation.

First, you’ll want to consider the type of barn you’re building. A barn that doubles as a farm workshop will have different requirements than a barn that houses cows during calving season. The three most popular barn doors today are sliding, hydraulic and overhead. The following information may help you make the right barn door choice for your specific situation.

For years, sliding doors have been the traditional choice for barns and are typically mounted on the outside of the structure. These doors are generally one-piece or split in the middle and are opened and closed manually. When large, these doors can become unwieldy due to the size, weight and overhead track support system. They also provide a less adequate seal against weather and therefore, are not as energy efficient as other styles. Certainly, newer versions of the sliding door have addressed many past concerns, and it remains a viable choice for the budget-minded.

Another popular option is the bi-fold door. Driven by an electric opener, these doors provide a tight, secure seal and are ideal for large buildings with limited access. Bi-fold doors swing up and out, folding horizontally therefore maintaining a low profile while ensuring no loss of clearance. Certainly, a higher investment than sliding doors but often the only option for very large openings. Another advantage of bi-fold doors is they may be partially opened in warmer weather to moderate temperature and control airflow within the building. In colder climates, bi-fold doors provide an excellent thermal barrier, reducing heat loss. Ask the experts at Doors on Demand about the many advantages of bi-fold doors for your farming operation.

The most popular and best value for your dollar is the overhead door. Overhead doors can be custom-tailored to your specific building requirements and are ideal for situations of frequent use. When well-built, properly installed and regularly maintained, overhead doors will provide you with years of worry-free operation. And overhead doors are available in a variety of widths making them the perfect choice for moving and storing large farm equipment. Unique configurations can also be designed to accommodate especially large openings.

The team at Doors on Demand understand the “needs” of today’s agricultural industry, and they’ve built their doors to meet those needs. Well designed and manufactured doors engineered for high use in the harshest of environments. Overhead doors that work when you need them back by exceptional after-sales service with prompt 24/7 emergency service.


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