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Introducing Bad Bob’s One-Man Door Store! Need a garage or overhead door? Bad Bob offers the guaranteed lowest prices on new garage doors and openers! Bad Bob will undercut anyone! Installation is fast with discounts for senior citizens and new Canadians! Pay cash and save even more! Other door stores may have been around longer, own company trucks or employ “trained” technicians, but at Bad Bob’s, we don’t have the overhead so can pass the savings on to you! Call Bad Bob’s One-Man Door Shop now! You won’t be disappointed.

There are Bad Bob’s in every industry and the garage and overhead door business is no exception. Bad Bob’s are shoddy, fly by the seat of their pants operators who promise the moon but deliver a whole lot less. The ones who never return phone calls if there’s an issue.  It’s easy to get hooked by a Bad Bob, especially if price is a significant concern. Understandably, everyone wants to save money, but a lower price may come with a lower quality product and poor installation. If someone’s price is considerably lower than the competition, ask yourself why.

Bad Bob might be a former employee of a reputable company. Feeling bitter, angry and resentful, he decides to strike out on his own and strike back at the company who dismissed him. Bob may “bad mouth” the other company and try to woo customers away from his former employer by making outrageous claims about price and quality. Bob might try to discredit the other company by having friends and family leave poor reviews on social media sites. All these tactics lack integrity and ultimately lead to the downfall of such unethical operators. When Bad Bob goes out of business (and he will), all of his customers will be left in the lurch.

If you want to avoid falling victim to Bad Bob, do some research before making your door purchase. Despite what Bob says, you want to look for a company with a solid reputation for delivering a good product, backed by reliable after-sales service. If a company has been around for a long time, that’s a pretty good indication that they’re consistently delivering a sound product and meeting customers’ expectations. Indeed, check the online reviews keeping in mind that Bad Bob and his clan may have left some less than complimentary comments. A reputable company will be quick to respond to these claims, and Bob won’t likely follow up.

A reputable company will employ knowledgeable, experienced and trained professionals in every area of the business. They will be insured, with a well-considered safety program and a genuine focus on delivering a consistently high level of service. These companies will also be well stocked with product, able to answer all your door questions and happy to provide references to quality work performed for other customers. The focus is never strictly on the price but on providing a variety of options so each customer can make a wise door decision.

A reputable company will always be quick to respond to any issues or concerns. They want you to be happy with your door purchase and will always be upfront about price, quality and warranty. The best advocate for any successful business is a satisfied customer.


In the end, be cautious and exercise common sense when choosing a garage door company.  Don’t get hooked by a Bad Bob. Choose experience, quality and reliable service. Doors on Demand is family-owned and operated, with a head office in Ponoka, Alberta and serving all of Alberta. We look forward to answering all your garage door questions.