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It’s been a stressful day – meetings at work, grocery shopping and now picking up the kids before deciding what to make for dinner. You roll into the driveway, push the door remote on your visor and nothing happens. This situation has happened before – dead batteries in the remote – so you’re not too concerned. Later, when you replace the batteries and still nothing happens, you start to become a little worried. Or maybe you’ve pulled into the garage, pushed the button to lower the door and nothing happens – the door stays in the up position. Whatever the situation, garage door issues are frustrating, inconvenient and stressful.

It’s a fact, garage door components break down and often, without warning. If you find yourself dealing with the unexpected, here are a few things you can do to handle the situation until one of our friendly, highly-trained techs from Doors on Demand arrives at your house.

Stay Calm

Relax, regroup and reassess. Unless you’re an experience door technician, it’s best to avoid any quick fixes or handyman repairs. Think about it. Your garage door is likely the largest moving object in your home – weighing upwards of 180 kilograms (400 pounds), and many of the components can be incredibly dangerous to service if you’re unfamiliar with their function. Common injuries faced by homeowners are to fingers and hands, but a garage door that should happen to come down on a person can have fatal consequences. It’s easy for a do-it-yourselfer to find themselves in a dangerous situation quickly with expensive repairs to follow.

Appraise the Situation

Is the issue obvious? Keep in mind, common garage door problems can become dangerous quickly. Some of the most common issues are dead batteries in the garage door remote, photo-eye misalignment, a stripped or broken gear in the door opener, broken springs and cables or a door that’s come partially off the tracks. Spring failure is a common issue. The average life expectancy for a garage door torsion spring is 10-15 years. When the spring is broken, the door cannot be opened and it’s best not to try. You see, without the benefit of high tension provided by the garage door torsion spring, you’d be attempting to lift the full weight of the door.

Let’s say, you’ve confirmed it’s a broken spring. Leave your vehicle parked outside, avoid using the door and call Doors on Demand immediately. You may be asked to think back, “Did you notice any unusual sounds or vibrations while opening or closing the door before it failed to work?” The door technician can use this information to isolate and ultimately, repair the issue.

Call the experts at Doors on Demand

It’s vital that when unexpected door issues occur that you call a professional. We’re available when you need us with 24/7 emergency service. If you’re concerned about the health of your door and operating systems, call Doors on Demand immediately for a safety inspection and maintenance service. Our trained techs will quickly assess the issue and perform the necessary repairs. We’ll give you the straight facts and a straight deal whether we initially installed the garage door, hardware and opener or not. Our team can perform repairs to all makes and models of overhead garage doors, and we do it quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Establish a regular maintenance schedule

Many garage door issues can be eliminated or at least lessened with a regular maintenance routine. All moving parts should be lubricated every six months, and those parts include pulleys, springs, cables, bearings, rollers and hinges. Old, worn parts should be replaced at the first sign of wear. Regular maintenance will help to significantly prolong the quality, ease-of-use and longevity of your overhead garage door. Time spent upfront maintaining your door and system will save you expensive repairs and lessen the possibility of a door emergency down the road.


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