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You might think having a new garage door installed is simple: find a nearby dealer, select your door and await installation. Couldn’t be easier, right? The truth is, not all garage doors are created equal nor are all garage door companies the same. You’ll need to do a little homework. You’ll want to find a dealer with a solid reputation for reliable service. You’ll also want to look at warranties and aftersales service. It pays to shop around and here are some tips to make the process easier:

How reputable is the Dealer?

When looking for a dealer, check for positive online reviews and comments regarding fair prices and a commitment to customer service. Visit websites and find out how long a particular company has been in business. Look for clear mission and value statements. If you query the dealer online, note how quickly they respond. If you speak to a representative over the phone, are they knowledgable and courteous? If someone in the neighbourhood has had a new door installed, ask for some feedback. Would they recommend the dealer they used?

How experienced is the Dealer?

Look at how long the dealer has been in business. One year? Ten years? Is it a family business? Is there more than one location? Experience matters! A company that has been in business for several years will be skilled at dealing with a variety of installs. Does the company install only residential garage doors are do they also install industrial models? An experienced company will also be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of install, repair or replacement.

How compliant is the Dealer?

Building codes are stringent and require garage doors be installed to exacting specifications. A dealer with a clean safety record – who follows safety guidelines – will ensure correct installation and maintain the safety of technicians. They will be fully licensed and carry adequate insurance and should provide you when asked with full disclosure freely and without hesitation.

How reliable is the Dealer?

If you have an issue with the door, you want to know the dealer is responsive to your needs. Another reason to consider the longevity of a company. A dealer that’s out of business can’t help you with warranty issues. Companies that care about customers will go out of their way to ensure your satisfaction – after all, they’re future depends upon it. Of course, you’re looking for the best deal, but it’s not only about who is the cheapest. Your new garage door is an investment and as such, deserves serious consideration before making a purchase.

Asking the right questions and doing a little homework, can save you a tremendous amount of time and trouble down the road. Choosing the right garage door dealer makes all the difference. Doors on Demand is local, family-owned and operated, a company with its head office in Ponoka, Alberta. The company first “raised” its doors in 2010 and now has locations across the province – serving customers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Residential, commercial, agricultural – Doors on Demand does it all including the installation of Sunshine Doors, door openers, maintenance and repair. Demand the Best – choose the best: Doors on Demand!