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When it comes to home improvement, one question is often posed: Is it worth the expense, effort and time required to insulate my garage? If your garage is detached, there’s no direct benefit to insulating unless you’re planning to use the garage as a workspace or recreation centre. And while it’s true that building codes don’t require garages to be insulated, except in rare cases where garage walls are shared, there are definite advantages to doing so.

Are you considering using your attached garage for a living or workspace? You might be using your garage strictly for parking your car (as many people do), but there are plenty of alternate or additional uses available. Many people will use their insulated garage as a fitness area; others will use the space as a workshop while others still might set it up as a games room or man cave. The garage is part of your home and usable square footage, therefore it’s important to consider your options. Ultimately, the use of space will make the determination.

It’s easy to regulate the temperature in a well-insulated garage so that it’s never too cold in the winter nor too hot in the summer. If you’re planning to use your garage in the winter (for something other than parking the car or storing your lawnmower and bicycles), you’ll also need to provide heating, either with a small gas furnace or additional ducting.

Do you feel a draft?

One of the problems with having an attached, uninsulated garage is that its colder than the rest of your house. Whenever you open the man door from the home to the garage, especially in winter, warm air escapes and cold air enters. If you’re accessing your garage a lot – coming and going to work, shopping and such, this could have a negative impact on your heating bill.

Why does the floor feel so cold?

Many new homes feature a bonus room over the garage. It’s a great idea and provides additional living space, but if your garage is uninsulated, you may find your bonus room colder than the rest of the house. Also, there may be plumbing, service lines or ductwork that run under the floor and in the ceiling of the garage that require protection from cold temperatures.

Don’t you love the quiet?

Insulating your garage can also significantly reduce the noise in your home. With proper insulation, the amount of noise that can filter into your home is lessened. This is especially important if you’re using your garage as a workshop where you may be running loud power tools. It may seem like a small thing, but a little peace and quiet goes a long way!

Let’s not forget the garage door!

When we discuss insulating the garage, we often think of walls and the ceiling, but there’s one more important element: your garage door. By purchasing a quality insulated garage door from Doors on Demand, you’ll gain the benefits of noise reduction, privacy, security and of course, energy savings when heating your garage. See us today for full details!

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